Body pump les mills workout

les mills pump workout

les mills pump workout

Les Mills exercises were developed by professional choreographers, physiotherapists and music editors and then tested at Les Mills Institute in New Zealand.

The company now has 10 programs in its arsenal, which are used by coaches from fitness clubs around the world.

BodyAttack high-intensity workout aims to develop coordination, flexibility, stamina, and improve the performance of the heart and lungs.

The class combines aerobic and strength training, in which all muscle groups are trained.

BodyCombat Cardio Exercise increases strength and stamina. The program is based on the most effective martial arts techniques such as karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, and tai chi.

During the class, all muscle groups are enhanced, as well as the cardiovascular system, balance, posture, and flexibility.

Moreover, with the help of this program, you can get rid of extra pounds in record time.

les mills body pump class

les mills body pump class

BodyBalance combines the elements of yoga, pilates, and tai chi to bring body, mind, and mind into balance and harmony.

Fans of dance styles will love BodyJam, which combines the latest in style with modern music. Les Mills recently performed another choreography exercise, Sh’Bam, in which different dance moves are performed on 12 music tracks.

For cardiovascular training and fat burning, the RPM program is a high-intensity exercise on stationary cycling.

The CXWORX program – the shortest in Les Mills’ arsenal (only 30 minutes) – focuses on the muscles that connect the upper torso to the lower body, and is simply perfect for the abdomen and buttocks.

All Les Mills lessons are accompanied by incendiary and lively music and are 55 minutes long. In one exercise, you can burn about 500-735 calories.

Fitness programs are designed so that beginners and coaches can participate in one lesson, while everyone works to their fullest potential, achieving the desired result.

les mills Crossfit

les mills Crossfit

It all started with New Zealand fitness club Les Mills, named after its creator, famous athlete Les Mills, a member of the New Zealand Olympic Team.

Forrest’s son, Philip Mills, developed his own group training programs, which later became very popular.

In the network of Lee Mills clubs that held training under these programs, attendance increased several times after a while, and even the large increase in class costs did not solve the problem of “overloading” the halls.

The owners of the chain were forced to open private studios with a capacity of up to 200 people.

les mills body pump class online

les mills body pump class online

There are Les Mills certified coaches at the World Class Club (which has been in operation for over 10 years).

Another fitness club with good coaches in this area is FizKult (Nizhny Novgorod).

If you really like it, you can join Les Mills at home – the company has prepared adapted training programs for self-study.

It all started with New Zealand fitness club Les Mills, named after its creator, famous athlete Les Mills, a member of the New Zealand Olympic Team.


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