Body pump les mills workout

Body pump Les mills

Body pump Les mills – Les Mills is the name of a fitness area, home to New Zealand. This trend appeared relatively recently, in the 1990s, thanks to the efforts of an athlete called Les Mills.

The athlete sought to develop a new training program that would suit everyone, but this was not the case.

Creating something new in sports is not easy. Moreover, Mills set himself the goal of creating comprehensive training for both beginners and professionals.

les mills body pump 30 minutes

les mills body pump 30 minutes

There are dozens of fitness types today, but why is Les Mills so popular? It is all about the professional approach to preparing the program.

After all, this is not just a set of exercises and the sequence of their execution, sound engineers also create a program that selects special music.

Due to a certain sequence of exercises and their intensity, according to the developers, training efficiency increases by 20%, compared to other types of physical activity.

les mills on demand body pump

les mills on demand body pump

The next reason Les Mills is so popular is, oddly enough, the high cost of training. Not every fitness club can afford a Les Mills coach because, in order to become one, you need to undergo special training.

les mills body pump workout

les mills body pump workout

Now you know about such training as Les Mills exists, what it is, and why it is so popular, now let’s talk about the equipment used during classes.

Step platform. One of the common features of Lee Mills is. But not every model is suitable for these purposes.

The ideal option is the detailed information that can be found in our catalog.

This is an advanced version of the classic step with which you can do a lot more exercises than the regular step platform.

With its help, the maximum number of calories is burned and the desired result is achieved.

Iron for exercise. Iron is a staple in Les Mills’ first workout program.

The tape measures 134 cm in length and weighs 4.5 kg.

The beam and planks are designed to provide a high level of comfort during training.

les mills body pump 110

les mills body pump 110

One of the fitness clubs is located in Moscow – “Fitness Zone”.

Around 40 coaches were trained in this facility under the supervision of Elena Sereda, the official representative of Les Mills in Russia.

There are Les Mills certified coaches at the World Class Club (which has been in operation for over 10 years).

If you really like it, you can join Les Mills at home – the company has prepared adapted training programs for self-study.

Group training programs Les Mills are known all over the world, and they are very fond of them in Russia too. Any modern fitness club will offer you several Les Mills simultaneously. What is their advantage?

Les Mills was founded by Philip Mills and is named after his father, Les Mills, a four-time Olympic champion.

A distinctive feature of the Les Mills programs in a specific format: all training elements (pregnancy, rotation of muscle groups, work schedule, rest periods) are combined in a strict sequence.

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