Hey there and welcome to brainy brains today we're diving into 12 everyday habits that can actually make you smarter let's Jump Right In intelligence is super valuable both personally and professionally it's about understanding things solving problems being creative and thinking deeply about the world.

Around us people have studied intelligence for ages and it's Crystal Clear that it has a positive impact on almost everything in our Liv lives smarter folks tend to climb the ladder at work achieve their long-term goals and do pretty well in relationships earning lots of respect along the way they're the ones responsible for shaping.

Our society and pushing progress forward think of innovators like Steve Jobs or Geniuses like Albert Einstein these Brilliant Minds changed our world because they used their intelligence to the max they were curious worked hard and never stopped exploring and question in things now get this being super smart isn't something you're just born with.

Take Einstein for example he was even called a slow learner once but ended up winning a Nobel Prize and becoming a legend you can actually develop your intelligence by keeping your mind active and constantly pushing your limits so let's get into the juicy part the 12 habits that can help you boost your brain power Einstein 's learning rule.

Teach simply to master something try explaining it in simple terms to someone else if they get it awesome if not it's your cue to dive deeper into your own understanding meditation boosts IQ meditation is an ancient practice that's been scientifically proven to improve your memory concentration and even your IQ try a few minutes of.

Meditation each day and watch your thinking and problem solving skills sore power up your neurons move your body exercise isn't just good for your body it's awesome for your brain too activities like cardio or strength training actually help grow new brain cells making you smarter each day high exposure method dive into.

Info successful folks flood their brains with useful stuff daily they read chat with interesting people and stay updated on what's happening the more inspiring info you soak up the more brilliant ideas you'll cook up question everything stay curious don't just accept things at face value ask questions lots of them it.

Doesn't matter if they sound silly each question gives you a new perspective and makes you sharper intelligence is contagious hang with smart folks ever heard of you're the average of The Five People You spend the most time with surround yourself with bright minds and their smarts will rub off on you too activate your musical brain play an.

Instrument playing an instrument is like a full body workout for your brain it enhances memory motor skills and even your emotional responses time to pick up that guitar or piano redesign your distractions make M useful turn your distractions into brain boosters instead of mindless TV opt for something that challenges your thinking.

Like an interesting documentary reflective writing put pen to paper writing down your thoughts can help you make sense of complicated ideas or personal dilemas you don't need to be a pro writer just jotting down a paragraph about your day can shift your perspective bite-sized reading two pages.

A day reading changes your brain for the better even just two pages a day can can expand your knowledge and improve your brain's performance outsmart your devices take a break too much screen time can mess with your thinking try cutting back a bit you'll feel more focused and motivated to learn and grow unlock your.

Imagination get creative creativity and intelligence go hand inand spend time exploring creative Hobbies like writing or painting it can spark new ideas and ways of thinking if you found something in this video don't forget to do one good deed by pressing the Subscribe like and share buttons to.

Your friends thank you for listening see you in the next video

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