12 Fundamental Habits to Become Mentally Stronger


12 Fundamental Habits to Become Mentally Stronger

Hey everyone, and welcome to TopThink. Today,we will learn about 12 powerful habits to become mentally stronger.Now, let’s begin. What does it mean to be a mentally strong person?Many people assume this just means that you’re smart, like Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs. Andwhile intelligence is a key aspect of mental strength, a powerful mind means a lot more thanjust book smarts. Much of what it means to be a mentally strong person comes down to charactertraits. Consider great qualities like willpower, confidence, persistence, consistency, honesty,principle, hunger, generosity, and so many others. Also consider the darker side of character traits,such as narcissism, manipulativeness, egocentrism, fear, insecurity, jealousy, and more. These thingsreside in what we like to call the “dimension of.

Mind”. They are the different elements thatmake up your “spirit”, so to speak. All of us have a good traits, and all of us have bad traits– whether we like to admit it or not. As Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn very famouslysaid, “The line between good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being.” But whatreally matters is what we choose to act on. Which traits we choose to nourish and to grow, and whichwe choose to block out or control. Because true mental strength is fundamentally a choice, thatyou have no option but to make, every moment of every day. Your character and your success areintertwined, and they are 100% in your hands. So in today’s video, we will cover 12 powerfulhabits that will help you become a mentally strong person. Many of these ideas will notbe easy or simple to implement in your life..

And we are not saying that anything you wantis ever guaranteed. That’s just not how life works. However, if you truly want a fightingchance to achieve your goals, such as success, glory, or love, you must embrace these habitsand start living life to your fullest potential. 1. Practicing The Art of WarThe art of war is about one thing: strategy. Strategy defines the winners and losersin competition. It separates those who achieve glory and those who may have to wait until it’stheir turn. But strategy should be for everyone. The competitive spirit of ambition and competitioneternally calls out to you to participate. One of the greatest ways to learn about strategyis by playing chess. When you play chess, you will learn about the structures and patternsof strategy that apply to everyday life. You will.

Learn to be a winner in everything that you do,as long as you have the will to keep fighting. 2. Mantras of StrengthEveryone knows that what you say to others matters. Giving compliments to people makes themfeel good. Insulting them does the opposite, and won’t earn you any friends. But too often, peoplefail to recognize the importance of what you say to yourself. That’s why this point is all aboutmantras, the things we repeatedly tell ourselves. A mantra is a word or a phrase that is typicallyrepeated during the practice of meditation. Yogis might say it to themselves 100 or 1000 times.It could be something like “peace” or “practice love”. And while these are great mantras, you canalso orient yourself towards mental and physical strength. Repeat phrases like “I will grow to bestronger” or “I will conquer my demons”, and over.

Time, these ideas will truly win over your brain.3. The Power of Ice Everyone loves to feel warm and cozy.But there is one sensation that is far more rewarding… The freezing cold. While atfirst it will certainly be uncomfortable, an ice bath or a freezing cold shower will withina short period of time feel absolutely amazing. It will reinvigorate your body, supercharge yournervous system, and energize your mind. Freezing cold showers are famously very good for you,as long as you do them safely. But they will also make you mentally stronger, so you cantake on the day and accomplish all your goals. 4. Iron VeinsHave you ever heard of the phrase “pumping iron”? It means to lift weights, and it’s one ofthe greatest habits humanity has ever conceived.

Of. Lifting weights is a sure fire way to makeyour life better. Not only will you feel more confident and more powerful, but your brain andbody will grow into a force to be reckoned with. Also, it doesn’t hurt that lifting weightswill get you much more attention from others. If you have ever wanted to be perceived as moreattractive, it may be the easiest way to do so. 5. Hearing WisdomDo you enjoy reading books? Maybe you do, but the vast majority of people these days arenot reading all that much. Many people find it difficult to concentrate on the endless linesof text. They end up re-reading paragraphs again and again because their attention can’t quiteadjust. However, there is an easier way to get all the wisdom in the world from Books. Listeningto audiobooks is one of the most powerful habits.

To grow your mind. Plus, the format will makesure that your attention doesn’t bounce around from one thing to another.6. Spiritual Alignment What does it mean to be spiritually aligned?Even if you are not metaphysically spiritual or religious, you can still embrace this idea. Ourdefinition of spiritual alignment means embracing the truth as you see it, and to the best ofyour ability. It means speaking the truth, stopping the habit of lying, and acting on thethings you truly believe. It means aligning what you think, what you say, and what you do. Andit will be the best decision you ever make. 7. Pawn SacrificeSometimes, to make room for the things you want to bring into your life, you have tomake sacrifices. But you shouldn’t be sacrificing.

Things that are truly meaningful to you. Instead,you should be sacrificing things that may be tempting or fun, but hold little true value.For example, you should not sacrifice time with your friends or family. But if you spendhours every day scrolling through social media, you should really consider cutting this habit outof your life. It will be incredibly frustrating at first, but sacrificing a pawn to winthe game of your life will be worth it. 8. A Stable MindThere’s an old adage which says “stable minds will prevail”. When you are levelheaded, you’remore likely to make logical, tactical decisions, even when all hope seems lost. You’re morelikely to weather the storm, and ultimately defeat your demons, when you are not paranoidand fearful about the problems in your life..

And yet, so many people these days are paranoidand fearful. They worry all day long, mostly about the things they used to have, or thingsthey so desperately want. But if you truly want to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams,you must think first, and feel later. Perhaps the easiest way to earn a stable mind is to meditate.Studies show as little as 10 minutes of properly executed meditation each day will make yousharper and will give you a more powerful brain. 9. The Right IdolsWho do you look up to? This remains one of the most important questions thatwe can ask ourselves. Our idols largely define the things we want in life, whether it is fame,success, or love. But sometimes, the idols we choose do not serve our lives as intended.Sometimes, they can be toxic examples who.

Do nothing but sour our spirit and teach us badhabits. So make sure that whoever you are looking up to reflects the values you hold deep down, notthe moment to moment whims all of us experience. 10. Soul FeedingOne of the most underrated aspects of true success is your soul. There are plentyof stories about people “selling their souls” to earn money or other worldly desires. But thisstory is actually quite flawed. If you really want to be successful, you must have a well nurturedsoul, so that in your most difficult moments, the ground beneath you doesn’t simply slip away.11. Pump Your Heart Your mind is fundamentally a part of your body.And your body is very much interconnected. Studies show that people who regularly do cardiovascularexercise are smarter, have better memories,.

And lead happier lives. Thus, mental strength ispartially a derivative of physical strength and endurance. If you want to be a mentally strongperson, you must embrace activities that do not offer immediate dopamine releases. Instead, youmust embrace activities like cardio, which have long-term benefits, but require a powerful will.12. Planning to Sleep If you want to have a powerful mind, sleep isgoing to be your best friend. A good night’s sleep will massively boost your brain power, leavingyou mentally stronger than ever. And yet, so many people forgo good sleep in favor of scrollingon their phones or watching TV. So instead of indulging in these brain melting activities, besure to plan your sleep schedule very carefully. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. Make sure your bed is made before you go to.

Sleep, and keep the temperature in your roomat a comfortable level. A good night’s sleep will take you all the way in life.Thank you for watching TopThink and be sure to subscribe because moreincredible content is on the way.

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