11 Strategies to Simplify Your Lifestyles | Gentle Habits & Tools I Esteem


11 Strategies to Simplify Your Lifestyles | Gentle Habits & Tools I Esteem

Hello friends welcome back today we're going totalk about how to simplify your life I have been on a simplifying Journey for many many years nowand I don't feel like there's ever really a end point like I feel like we're always evolving andour life is changing and just each year brings different things so I think it's important tokind of reevaluate what's working in our routines what's working in our personal professional livesall the things and this year specifically I am focusing on simplifying a lot of things in my lifefrom my business to how I spend my time outside of work and just trying to make things moreefficient to make things easier for my future self so I'm going to share a mix of Technology tools Isometimes feel like technology is often portrayed as this thing that is distracting us or drainingour time but I have a really positive relationship.

With technology in the sense that it has helpedme be more efficient and get more things done so when it's used in a way where it works for younot against you and you really Embrace technology is a beautiful beautiful thing and I'll also sharedifferent habits that I've integrated into my life that has made life easier so I can go out livemy life with less friction more ease all right without further Ado let's dive in this is in noparticular order but the first tip is to utilize Google Tasks so we all know about Google Calendarbut are you utilizing the task feature I use this so much I use Google tasks for the really quicktodos that I want to jot down I use Google tasks for reminding myself to feed my dogs their monthlymedicine or if I have a subscription that I want to cancel a month from now I will put all thosethings in Google tasks that way it shows up each.

Month it's friend of mine I can just check it offwhen I'm done I don't have to think about it also recently I use Google tasks to re-evaluate ourentire household chores systems one of my goals was to create a better system for getting ourchores done because in the past it was more of a free-for-all you know like doing the laundrywhenever the laundry bin got full watering the plants whenever they started to look a little sadso trying to get more into a rhythm and having specific dedicated days for when we want to dothose tasks that way things don't just start building up and become like a bigger task thanit has to be so now I have our recurring week L and monthly to-dos for household stuff recurringon Google Tasks and it's great I also like that you can move things around to different days andif you don't get to it that day you can see all.

The tasks you still have to complete each dayso it just kind of carries over and makes it really easy my second tip to simplify your lifeis to schedule a recurring life admin day so for some people this might be in the morning in theafternoon once a week once a month what ever you can find time for Life admin tasks are all thosereally tedious annoying to-dos that you typically wouldn't have time for during your work week solike calling your bank or canceling a credit card or signing up for a new one changing your lastname that's that's big boring Tod do that I is constantly on my list returning packages just asannoying task that you can't get to during the week and if you just kind of keep that ruminatingyour head of things that you need to get done it can just weigh you down and it's a lot of mentalload to carry so for me anytime those types of.

Tasks pop up I write it down um whether it's anotion or directly in my Google Calendar I'll be like life admin task jot it down and then whenI have my life admin day scheduled then I know I can knock it out then my third tip to simplifyyour life is to hold the cart so this has to do with online shopping if you feel like like you'reshopping too much online you're getting all these packages in the mail and your partner's likewhat the heck I have all these boxes I need to break down and you just kind of feel like wowwhere did all this come from that has definitely happened to me before where I'm like oh we ran outof this we got to pick up this and it's just kind of a free-for-all and you check out and you'vejust got all these different packages it's not sustainable it's also overwhelming and probablynot great for your make account what works for.

Us is to check out our cart on Friday so I mightthroughout the week add things to my thbe cart or to Amazon or to I don't know any other online shopthat I have been eyeing something I will add it to the cart but I won't check out until Fridaysbecause typically what happens is I find that I don't want it or I don't need it anymore when youconsolidate it to like a checkout day that delayed gratification really helps you to slow down pauseand decide if it's even something that you need which reduces the amount you're spending and itreduces the amount of packages that are being shipped to you pausing that leads me to my fourthtip and that is to embrace the power of pause I have an entire podcast episode talking aboutthe one simple simple thing that you can do to be less busy and that is to pause because we areoften the keepers of our schedule and we say yes.

To things we over commit ourselves and then weend up with no blank space in our calar ERS and I don't know about you but I love having spaceand I don't want to fill every Gap so I don't want to feel like I am booked to the max have nodowntime that just isn't what I want in my life so that requires me saying no that requires memissing out on things sometimes and that's okay so just slowing down pausing before signing upor something pausing before saying yes that'll do wonders for simplifying your life tip number fiveis to use a transition bin so we've got a laundry bin for the clothes that are dirty and then we'vegot a transition bin for the clothes that we've maybe worn once or twice but they're not dirty weplan on wearing them again but we can't really put them back in our closet because they're not reallyclean so I have a transition bin for that and that.

Really helps me cut back on the amount of laundrythat I have to do I wear a lot of the same things over and over throughout the week I am a proudoutfit repeater I really just pick two or three outfits that I'm wearing and I just wear themon repeat I also work from home so I recognize that I don't have to get dressed up in businesscasual outfits and go to an office so that that definitely helps me I can wear off leisure but ifthere's any sort of way that you can cut back on laundry just because you wear it once doesn't meanit's actually dirty tip number six is to use the 2minute rule I don't know who came up with thisbut basically the saying goes if you can get it done in 2 minutes or less then go ahead and doit immediately and this applies to dishes this applies to putting something back where it belongsyou know sometimes we are like okay I've got this.

Hat I need to put it back in my closet but forsome reason we like walk halfway through the house and then we just leave it on a chair whenwe could have just put it back in the closet and it takes like an extra 30 seconds that's the kindof stuff that I'm trying to mitigate so I've just been trying to do it now not later if it takes2 minutes or less this has been really helpful for managing mess in the kitchen so after lunchafter a meal we will put our dishes straight in the dishwasher instead of letting it pile up inthe sink because we're all tired at the end of the day and we don't want to have this giant messto clean up wouldn't we rather be reading books or watching our favorite show or just doing somethingother than house chores in the evening tip number seven is to document workflows or docent doentrecurring routines that way you're not starting.

From scratch for example say I am launching a newnotion template I have a checklist of everything that I need to do before I can publish thattemplate whether it's creating it user testing it creating a landing page some emails to promoteit you can also apply this to a favorite meal that you make if you really enjoy these five recipesor these five meals write them down somewhere or write down your favorite restaurants document thestuff that you like so that way when you're hungry at 6:30 p.m. you have nothing in your fridge andyou're like what do I even like to eat anymore you have a list of those things or you have a listof those restaurants that you can order take out from the whole point is to document that stuff sothat you're not starting from scratch and having to wrap your brain every time tip number eightis to use AI whether that's notion AI Chad gbt.

There's so many different tools tools out thereto help you speed things up you can literally use cha PT to help you create a meal plan if you'regluten-free and da free and you tell them that these are your frequently used ingredients itwill create a meal plan for you if you want to brainstorm a new idea if you want to use AI aslike a coach to go back and forth and get feedback on something that you are currently working ona project that you're working on for me right now I'm currently building out programming for alittle workshop that I'm hosting help me format this schedule it has to be 30 minutes like there'sso many things that you can do and it will save you time give you new ideas and just overall makeyou more efficient in your day-to-days tip number nine if you don't already automate your bills goahead and automate them Tak that pressure off of.

Having to manually pay every single month it'sthe same thing you know what to expect on the topic of money tip number 10 is to use an app forbudgeting so I know that there's actually people that still use Excel sheets and and will save alltheir receipts and literally manually write down all their different transactions there are somany great apps out there that can do that for you A lot of them have a free version so saveyourself time and energy and download an app it can give you insights into subscriptions thatyou're using where your most of your spending is going in different categories help you set budgetsI'm currently using co-pilot which I really really like and we're actually paying for it the premiumversion but before co-pilot we were using true bill which has now rebranded to Rocket moneyso rocket money and co-pilot those are the two.

Apps that I've used and they're both great app sodefinitely check that out if you're looking for a more automated way to have insight into yourmoney and your spending and in the long run when you're able to have that type of visibilityyou end up doing smarter things with your money last but not least tip number 11 if you have aroommate if you have a partner whatever if you have someone that you share a lot of your lifeand your time time with and you're making joint decisions with schedule a monthly meeting I thinkhaving a monthly touch base whether it's a finance meeting or some people call it a relationshipboard meeting it's basically a time for you to come together talk about different things thathave come up whether it's something that's on your mind something that you would like to discussdeeper something you'd like more insight into just.

Having this dedicated time to connect eachmonth and it's just a safe space to do that it really helps with communication and for meand Andrew creating that cleaning schedule was such a big topic because I kept feeling likeI'm drowning in laundry I can't keep up what can we do to make this a better system so weliterally sat down one morning had my matcha we were just chilling on the floor sitting onour floor cushion at the coffee table had our computer out and we were like let's list out allof the reoccurring household chores that we have watering plants washing the car running a cleaningcycle on the washing machine and we sat down and we mapped it all out we put it in our GoogleCalendar and it's now running like clockwork and that was a friction point that is now not afriction Point anymore so I really appreciate it.

Having these different touch points to check inwith my partner all right friends those are my 11 tips to simplify your life I really hope thatresonated with you and if you have any tips to add please share them in the comments I love hearingall the apps and tools and habits that you use to help simplify your life and as I encounternew things I'll I'm sure I can make a part too if you enjoyed this video thanks for tuning inand I will see you in the next one bye friends

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