11 Gorgeous BENEFITS of WALKING Every Day And The GOLDEN TIP That Will Switch Your HEALTH


11 Gorgeous BENEFITS of WALKING Every Day And The GOLDEN TIP That Will Switch Your HEALTH

Here's a golden tip for you to engage in morephysical activities and increase the frequency of your walks for instance I'm going to sharewith you a scientifically proven tip alongside 11 benefits of walking when you walk 11 improvementscan occur in your body and that's what I'm going to explain in this video I'm Dr joow I'm anendocrinologist specializing in metabolism which is fundamental to our health let's getstarted firstly many of you have asked on the channel if just walking without running or doingother activities can compare to a gym workout does only walking help and the answer is yes thereare multiple scientific studies validating the benefits of walking for your body I haveenumerated 11 benefits here and as we go along I'll also talk about the frequency there will besome variations you'll learn a lot in this video.

Plus I will also share with you a goal golden tipthat's worth watching what are the 11 benefits number one it helps regulate blood pressure peoplewith high blood pressure or hypertension can have better blood pressure regulation by walkingfrequently it also helps prevent high blood pressure why because physical exercise improvesblood vessels relaxation which aids with pressure regulation if you have high blood pressure thenwalking is a good idea in fact it's not just good you must walk and how much is recommended forphysical exercise like walking a total of 150 minutes of activity is recommended since you canadjust the intensity of your walk if it's at a slightly higher intensity with a quick Pace whathappens 150 minutes a week would be enough to have a positive impact on your blood pressure If youopt for a slower stroll you should aim for 250.

Minutes a week for a more substantial reductionin blood pressure and a decrease in cardiovascular risk sound good so just walking does help if Ican only walk and I can't run does it still help yes it does these total minutes I'm talking aboutI've averaged from several scientific studies so your doctor might recommend 210 minutes theseare rough estimates to give you an idea and a better understanding of the video and to confirmthat walking indeed contributes to overall health second benefit daily walking reduces the risk ofthrombosis as it improves your circulation it also helps with other issues like varicose veins forexample but reducing the risk of thrombosis is already a significant reason for you to startwalking guys I didn't set a like Target for this video because someone commented that doctorswere not allowed to ask for likes on the video so.

I won't be asking but I am going to set a goalof 11,000 likes if you want to like it then go ahead because there will be a thousand likes foreach tip as there are 11 so let's achieve this goal because this way the system understands thatthe video is relevant and ends up recommending it to more people I'm not asking for likes as thisperson said but let's attain this goal number three cholesterol and here I will say that walkingcan improve high density lipoprotein cholesterol it can increase good cholesterol and reduce badlow density lipoprotein cholesterol which also improves your cardiovascular risk so walkinghelps a lot yet I was informed that there's no way to lower cholesterol there's no way to lowerLDL there's no way to increase good cholesterol is that true or false we know that 70% of cholesterolis produced by the body itself and 30% comes from.

Diet and habits such as exercise so you can reducecholesterol by this 30% depending on your case this 30% that that you can modify would be enoughfor you to have a good cholesterol Target saying cholesterol isn't bad is incorrect you needcholesterol for cells to function for example and also for the production of certain hormonessuch as testosterone vitamin D or cortisol itself hormones that are fundamental to our liveswhat's bad here is an excess of cholesterol high cholesterol then you will have a greatercardiovascular risk number four walking can help control diabetes or not here's the statementwalking helps control diabetes because you can have a metabolic Improvement and it's been provento have better control over blood sugar levels and glycemic levels so it is one of the pillarsof diabetes treatment physical exercise and.

Walking assist you in this process number fivewalking helps lower triglycerides many people have triglyceride issues and physical activityis a strong Ally in reducing triglycerides I've discussed HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol butwhen we're discussing triglycerides you see a more pronounced Improvement so it's another reason foryou to start walking number six walking improves memory and mood there are several studies butthis one on memory I found very interesting who wouldn't want to have a better memory I do andyou that's why I walk number seven walking can reduce your risk of death from all causes by upto 35% and your risk of having a stroke or heart attack by up to 40% here was a study actuallythis study was done on steps it was found that people who took more than 10,000 steps a day butwhat is this in kilometers it equates to around 8.

Kilm per day so it's not only about you headingout for a walk or walking on the treadmill but it's more about those who walk more during the daytaking more than 10,000 steps or 8 kilometers so there's this significant benefit number eight andthis benefit here will be of interest to billions of people because walking is very common it canhelp treat fatty liver it is one of the pillars in treatment as a metabolic disease just likediabetes if you have fatty liver it is essential that you take walk number nine walking dailyimproves bowel movements it's also beneficial for your intestines number 10 walking improvesyour vision because it helps prevent cataracts and glaucoma number 11 walking can decrease cancerrisk that's correct you didn't misunderstand the link between obesity and cancer has already beenexplored there are more than 12 types of cancer.

That physical activity and metabolic Improvementcan help prevent it can reduce risks of cancers such as breast cancer bowel cancer prostate cancerso walking is worth it and I said I was going to give you a golden tip also scientifically backedfor you to increase your walking frequency set small goals for starting a physical activity forexample today I'm only going to walk for 1 minute what do you mean you started the video talkingabout 250 minutes or 1 15 if it's a more intense walk and now you're talking about 1 minute I'llexplain it is scientifically proven that if you set a small goal like in this case one minuteyou'll find fewer excuses because if you set a goal of one hour you will start to make excuses ohbut I have to cook dinner I have to leave I'm late already so I'm going to walk tomorrow if you set asmaller goal like walking for 1 minute today once.

You've compl completed that 1 minute it's easierfor you to keep exercising isn't it interesting how our brain works but it's beneficial to seta small goal to start with and then as with many people it's easy to keep exercising once you'vestarted so set small goals and then once you've started exercising you'll think to complete theremaining 50 minutes which will be much easier if you're already doing it comment below or ifyou're planning to start I'll be overjoyed to read your comments knowing that I've succeededin helping you what rating would you give this video from 0 to 10 if it's 10 I'll produce morevideos like this also specify your city which part of the world are you from I'm from PortoAllegre I'm from Rio Grande dul how about you many people from Portugal and even from Japanare here too now I'm going to make a suggestion.

Since I mentioned diabetes in this other videoI discuss 14 dangerous signs of diabetes you'll learn much there too if you like this videothat video is just right for you take care

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