10 SELF CARE TIPS for Psychological Well being | Self Care Habits for the Frigid climate Blues


10 SELF CARE TIPS for Psychological Well being | Self Care Habits for the Frigid climate Blues

I've been having a big case of the winterblues. And based on some of your comments recently, I think a lot of you have been feelingthe same way. I don't know where you live, but I live in the Netherlands. And it hasbeen an exceptionally gray, rainy and depressing season this year. It was the wetest year everrecorded. And I think I've seen the sun maybe like three or four times since the start ofOctober, that's what it feels like to me anyway. And just… January and February are long.Let's call them long. So I thought it might be good to share some self-care tips for thewinter blues. Because we cannot change the weather or the season, but there are definitelysome things that we can do to just make things a bit more fun, cheerful, just a bit easier.And these are things that are really helping.

Me right now to kind of lift myself out ofthis winter funk. Before we begin, little disclaimer just to be sure. I am not a doctor,this is not medical advice. This is just me sharing my personal experiences and the thingsthat have been helpful for me. So if you feel like you might have seasonal depression, orseasonal affective disorder, and you want to talk to your doctor about it, then pleasedo. And while these tips are especially helpful during the winter time, I think these canalso be good any time of the year. If you've just been in a funk or in a rut, to kind oflift yourself back out of it and find some inner sunshine. Number one is to go outside.Especially during the daytime or you know, those small moments when there's a littlebit of sunshine. It might be super tempting.

To just stay indoors with weather like this.Trust me, I am not looking forward to going on a walk after filming this. It is superwindy right now. But it is so important to still try and go outside. If you don't, you'reonly going to feel more tired, more pessimistic. Not getting any light on you throws off yourcircadian rhythm. So do try to go outside when you can. Exposure to natural light canboost your mood. It can boost your serotonin, which is one of the body's feel-good chemicals.Our serotonin levels are usually lowest during winter time. And I've been feeling this myselfreally badly. So going outside can help. And it can also help us to get some vitamin D,which is also important. If you cannot go outside, try to get some fresh air by openinga window and sitting next to the window when.

There is daylight out. To just get some lightand some fresh air. I've read that this is especially helpful in the mornings. So ifyou can either go outside or sit by a window in the morning, that's great. Open up thecurtains, get some light in, get some light on your face, on your hands, on your skin,and go outside when you can. Number two is to set small achievable goals. I personallythink it's fine if during winter time you're just a bit less productive. I think that'snatural. It's a a time of more like resting, reflecting, going inward. Maybe you sleepa little bit more, maybe you do a little bit less. Like that's all fine. But for me, thething I need to watch out for is just not doing too little, or too much. Try and setsmall achievable goals. A few weeks ago when.

I was really going through it, even smallthings like taking a shower, brushing your teeth and flossing, things like that alreadyseemed like a lot. And I really didn't want to let those things go, because that's whenyou start to feel really just kind of crappy. So these are things that I started settinggoals for myself. You know, do my skincare, brush my teeth, floss, get in the shower.Things like that made me feel better about myself. It made me feel a bit more accomplished.There were small, actionable things that I could do. Make the bed, go for a little walk.That really helps. Something else I did that really helped me was make a little list ofall the things that I've been dreading or postponing, and just getting them done. AndI wasn't forcing myself to get them all done.

In a day, or in two days, or even a week.I'm taking my time. But every day, I'm taking off one of the things that I've been dreadingor postponing. And it feels so much better than to keep having these things in your head.Like in the back of your mind thinking like ah, I need to do that, I need to do that,not looking forward to it, and you're postponing it. And it just makes you feel bad. Get themdone. Get them on a list and get them done slowly but surely. And this has really helpedme to feel much more like I'm in control. And that I'm accomplishing things. And ithelped me to be more positive. Like today, I know this is TMI but ladies, it's important.I'm doing a self test when it comes to a papsmear, that I've been postponing for months. So I'mgetting it done today. And I know I'll will.

Feel better afterwards. If you've been postponingyour papsmear, get it done. They're important. And it's not painful, it's not scary. It isuncomfortable. But it's worth it. Number three is to treat yourself to things that make youfeel more cheerful. Last week I did something that I very rarely do, and I got myself someflowers. So I went to the store and I bought tulips. Right now when like the winter iscoming to an end and the spring is approaching, here in the Netherlands, tulips are everywherenow. And they're not that expensive. I got these 20 tulips for5 euros. And they makeme feel better. They make me feel cheerful. It's nice to get some springtime in, somecolor in. And just this little small action of something that I'm treating myself to hasreally made a big difference. However, try.

To keep comfort food to a minimum. Becauseone of the things that I am prone to do is comfort food. Comfort eating. And these canjust give you like sugar dips. Or make you feel even more like groggy. So not reallygood for your mood, even though they taste good when you're eating them. So what I tryto do instead is look up a new recipe for like a healthy soup or something. And thenmake it, you know, a fun thing. Going to the grocery store to get ingredients, gettingmy sunlight. And then making a healthy soup. It's nice and warm, it's still like comfortingand hearty, but it's also good for me. And it doesn't give me like a sugar dip afterwards.So things like that. Number four is to be careful about being toomuch on your phone during these darker winter.

Months. I've definitely noticed that I'vebeen spending more and more time on my phone lately, and I do not like it one bit. So thatis something that I changed recently. It's just even easier during this time of the yearto just spend time on your phone scrolling. And I don't need to tell you I think how damagingthat can be for your mood. It does not help it if you're feeling the depressed or sador low on energy, to just scroll on your phone. So really be mindful there. If that is you.To try and set boundaries about how much time you're spending on your phone. Number five,so important, maybe the most important thing I think, is to keep exercising. You need tokeep moving your body when you're feeling sluggish. And I know that's very challengingwhen you're already feeling like that. Probably.

Exercising is the thing that you want to dothe least. But it is the thing that you should definitely do. Because it helps so so much.I haven't been exercising for a while, because first I had my period, and then I got theflu. And it took a long time for my body to recover from all that. So I've been slowlybuilding up my workout routine again for the last two weeks or so. And the difference thatI notice in my mood is incredible. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you kind kindof enjoy doing it while you're doing it. So do a little dance workout on YouTube. Do someyoga. Go for a walk. Do a steps… whatever you enjoy. But get your body moving and getthat energy flowing again. Because that is the thing that is going to help you to getmore active, and lift you out of that funk.

Even if it's for 5 minutes, even if that'sall you feel that you can do, try and do that. Number six is to schedule things to look forwardto. It's so nice if you have some things in your calendar that you are excited about.That give you that initial like ooh, I can't wait for that thing to happen. For example,I have seen The Boy and the Heron in the movie theaters twice. And that was such a nice thing,to just buy myself a ticket and have that in my calendar to look forward to. By theway, great movie. I went to a museum to see an art exhibit of one of my favorite artists,Yayoi Kusama. We've been going on some walks, even if the weather is bad. Calling a friendand scheduling a date with them to have lunch somewhere, or something that you enjoy. Itgives me hope. It's hopeful to have things.

In your calendar that you are just excitedabout. Because this time of year, there's not a lot that can give you some cheerfulnessor some positivity. Because it's all just very like gray and rainy and cold. And youknow, it's not really fun. You have have to make that yourself, by scheduling some thingsin that you're really excited to do. And it doesn't have to be anything too extravagant.It can even be like making yourself a fancy dinner on Friday, so that you have the wholeweek to look forward to that moment. Number seven is to keep warm and cozy, and basicallymake the most of this season. Again I don't know where you live, but winter here is mostlyjust wet. There's not a lot of snow, it's not very cozy. It's just gray and wet andwindy. So you need to kind of find ways to.

Make that nice. So blankets, candles, warmcups of tea. Whatever you find cozy and nice. Movie nights. Things that just have that littleextra special something during the winter time, try and do those things. To also justkind of enjoy it while it is here. I'm suddenly getting really distracted, because my neighborsare cooking something and it smells really nice. Something like pasta. Maybe I'm justhungry, I haven't had lunch yet. Number eight, and this one is as much for me as it is foryou, to try and not take on the woes of the world, especially during this time. I findit very hard to try and ignore all the crappy things that are going on right now in theworld. And have been going on for a while. Because also, it makes me feel like a badperson. It makes me feel very guilty if I.

Just try and block all of that out. Becauseit doesn't necessarily have anything to do with me personally, which is something thatI'm very grateful for. You know, to be safe, to have everything I need. And that is somethingto count your blessings. At the same time, I find it very hard to just be like okay,I'm not going to worry about that. I'm not going to read about it. I'm not going to letit affect me. Because that makes me feel like a bad person. But the thing is that you'renot a bad person. No one is equipped to deal with all of that horribleness. And we arenot made to deal with that and and be able to just keep going on with our lives. Andthat is not something that you need to be able to do as well. So if you feel like especiallyduring this more depressing season of the.

Year, you want to block out the news. Or um,if you see someone on the streets and they are in a wheelchair. Things like that makeme feel bad, because it makes me feel bad for that person. Even though I don't knowanything about them. Try not to take on their the things that you imagine that they mustbe going through, and focus on yourself. It doesn't make you bad person, it doesn't makeyou selfish. It makes you human. Like I said, no one is um able to deal with all of thatand not have it affect their mood. And no one is helped by you feeling bad. So try tonot take on the woes of others or the woes of the world. And if you need to block outnews for a while, then definitely do that. One of my plants is looking a little sad.I'm looking at it right now, it needs water.

So note to self. Water my plant. Number nineis try not to self-isolate. Another really big one. We need people. We need to be aroundpeople. If you have anyone that you can meet up with, a friend, a family member, a neighbor.Or even just going to a cafe and talking with maybe some people there, or even just likeexchanging a friendly smile. Try not to self-isolate if you don't have to. This is the same asgoing outside. I feel like it's easy to kind of hibernate during this time, and not likereach out to others so much. And just focus on yourself and how miserable you are. Butthat's not going to lift you out of it. And you know, people need people. People mightneed you. So try to get in touch with people and spend time with them when you can. I'vebeen catching up with friends during the second.

Time of my break, or the second part of mybreak, when I was feeling better. And it was so nice. It was so nice to be around themagain. And that really helps me as well. And lastly, number 10 another really importantone I think, and this can be helpful any time of the year, if you are having a day thatis especially bad, try to take some time to reflect about why you think that might be.Because sometimes, it's not being caused by something that is very tangible or somethingthat you feel you can control, but other times it might be. It might be a very specific thingthat kind of send you spiraling into a downward… trajectory? Is that the word? So maybe youread something on your phone and it's been bugging you. And it's slowly been draggingyou down. Or maybe you didn't get up early.

Enough, and you kind of spent the entire morningin bed, not really doing anything. And that's why you feel a little groggy and pessimistic.Maybe you haven't been outside in a while. Maybe you haven't been moving your body ina while. There are definitely some things that you could do, if you reflect on whatit is that make you feel bad in the first place. So try to go to the moment like thefirst moment that you remember you started feeling this way. And try to see feel likeif you can find some things that may be contributed to that. Or if you can find some things thatyou think might be helpful and give them a try. One example is for me. I was feelinglow and I started reflecting about it. And I realized that there were some things thathave been bugging me that I've been postponing.

And dreading, and I kind of feel bad aboutnot having them done yet. And that was the moment that I made my little list of everythingthat I've been putting off and slowly working through it. And just that tiny bit of differencehas made a huge difference in how I'm now feeling. Much more accomplished, more in control,like I'm getting things done. And it's not even about being productive. It's about gettingthem out of your mind. These like nagging thoughts of like, I should do that one day,and I should still get that done. And those things can kind of drag you down. So thatwas one of my realizations. And you can only really get them I think, if you just takesome time to think about it and reflect. So this is my first day of filming videos againafter having a month-long break. I'm very.

Excited to be back to making videos again.I'm feeling a lot better, like the difference is pretty big. So the break was good. AndI'm happy to be back. I have lots of nice ideas and inspiration for upcoming videosin the coming weeks, so I hope you'll look forward to that. And if you're not subscribedalready, then see this as an invitation to do so. So you won't miss it when I uploada new video. And you can always also subscribe to my free newsletter, simplehappyzen.com/newsletter.To be notified when there's a new video or if there's something else that I want to share.If you want more videos from me, then you can also always go over to Patreon where Ipost two extra videos a month. And I've been doing that for a long time, so there are manymany many videos up on there already. And.

By joining, it is $5 a month, and you arehelping to support my work and help me to keep making these videos here on YouTube inexchange. So it's a nice community, it's a lot of fun. and you can go to patreon.com/simplehappyzen Of course I’d love to hear from you howyou're doing. Are you dealing with the winter blues? Maybe you live somewhere where it'snot even winter. What tips are helpful for you, please leave them down below and maybeit's something I can also try. As always, questions, comments, conversationsdown below. Have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for being here and I'll see you againnext week. Bye-bye. Yesterday, I was out walking and I saw one cherry blossom tree that wasstarting to get some blossoms and I nearly.

Cried. Spring is coming people.

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  1. Hi there Vera, welcome succor! Each time I maintain down or blues-y (oh yeah, iciness-blues and THIS WEATHER factual now, disagreeable. I are residing in Emden, no longer up to now far from the Netherlands, and I deem we had fairly identical climate over right here …), I cuddle or pet my cats, look them playing and play with them. When I maintain esteem it, I grab one in all my “feel pretty” books and establish a re-learn in the tub with a agreeable scented bath bomb or something alike. Or I name one in all my friends and talk with them about foolish issues till we both chortle our butts of. Or I look one in all my “feel pretty” movies or some episodes of my favourite TV reveals. Assuredly I look an extra sad movie to give myself an even, cleansing squawk (while cuddling one in all my cats). Or I establish a piece yoga session with a Mady Morrison video or kick myself in the rear and meander to the health club. And, I must admit it, in most cases it's accurate some cookies and a agreeable cup of tea, espresso, hot chocolate or chai/matcha latte. 🙂 And, being a HSP and at threat of depression, I minimize down the news to a minimum.

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