10 Habits to UnF*ck Your Life in 2024


10 Habits to UnF*ck Your Life in 2024

10 steps to Un**** your life in 2024. Some days ago, I randomly posted a story on Instagram. Just a thought in mind, to ask peopleabout why they are unhappy in life. And so many replies came on thatstory, that I can't even read them all. Many wrote they have financial problems. Some wrote relationship problems. Some are insecure for their looks. Some are battling mental health problems. And some are troubled with overthinking.

And there are a lot of problems in people's life. I've made a goal in 2024 to completely change my life. I will become a better individual. And basically, un**** my life. I've taken a 366 days challenge,in which a reel is uploaded daily. A shorts is also went to YouTube. And in this, I follow 5 rules daily. I'm working on my physique, my diet, mydreams, my happiness and my relationships. There will be small problems in life,.

And they will come and go. Some big problems will also come. But what happens is, in our life, there are someproblems that have been continuing for a very long time that can be solved, but we don't take actions on them. So like I'm going to be working on myself in 2024. So I will tell 10 such things, which I'm doingand my life has actually changed a lot. The challenge that I've been doing for last 6, 7, 8 months. There have been many changes in my life,and today I will share those 10 things. First of all, goal setting.

Maximum people have a problemthat they don't have a goal in life. Basically, just wandering. If you don't have a goal in life, when youwake up you don't even know what to do. Like life drives you, you just do that. And this brings a lot of unhappiness in your life. You are in any stage of life, itsvery important that you have a goal. Otherwise you'll just keep wandering. And its not important that you know the whole path. You just have to take the first step.

You have to create path for yourself. The path will be created as soon as you start walking. Like for me, when 2024 will begin I will quit my job first, my dreams, I want to focus more on content creation. I want to start my own agency. Work on my clients. I want to make a personal development brand. So its clear in my mind about where I have to go. My destination is finalised.

So I know how to reach there. And I'm working towards it waking up every morning. So, life is exciting that I have a goal, a purpose. Besides, I keep sharing throughreels on how I work on my purpose. And also share it through YouTube shorts. So you can follow on Instagram, dosubscribe on YouTube if you haven't already. Second if fcous on health, wealth and happiness. This is a very big topic. But the truth is, if any one of these sectors go down for you.

Then there will be unhappiness in your life. It can't be prevented by anybody. 6-8 months ago from now, I was not focusing on my health in life. Focusing on wealth. Wasn't focusing on happiness at all. Because of which I couldn't focus good on wealth as well. These three are pillars, a tripod. If tripod doesn't have even one leg, then thecamera will be not straight like it is kept right now. So focusing on these three things is very important.

Our body is designed in a way that it is not forjust sitting and lay in one corner of a house. Move your body. Go to the gym at least 4-5 days a week. Do workout, if you don't like it, then play some sports. Focus on your diet. Complete your habits. Pay attention to your happiness. You want to meet friends, spend time with family too. And work on a skill everyday which can make also make you money.

Because money is very important. Third, create a happy place for yourself. Can you see behind me? This is my happy place. When I wake up every morning, I'mexcited that I will do work sitting here. You can see behind, there are a lot of photos here. There are posters here, plants I've kept on my desk. A good chair, a table. Some lighting.

And an environment. Truth be told, it doesn't take much money. You don't have to spend too much money. Get normal printouts, of posters, how much money can it take. But if you don't create your space, a happy place. Then you won't like working, and that productivity won't be there. And declutter your life. You've followed such people on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. That don't add value in your life.

Maybe you've followed some news channels. That only present you with negative news. And your mood gets spoiled. You've made your goal. Now follow such people that have already achieved that goal. That will help you a lot, social media will alsohelp you in moving forward towards your goals. Fourth, is self care. There are a lot of videos on internet. To accept yourself.

Okay, you're fat, don't worry, acceptyourself, be comfortable in your skin. There are some things in life which we have to accept. Like our height, our skin colour, our face shape. We have to accept them. You can't change that naturally. But if you are too fat, you have too much fat. And then you say, no accept yourself. Then that's not a good thing. If your body has too much fat, then you should beworking towards it and become a fitter version.

Basically become your best version. If your face has a lot of pimples. Then do skincare, work on yourself. Self care is very important. When I post content related to self care on Instagram, brother you already look so good, you don't need all this. We don't look good, etc. Its not about that, I know that I can still reach my best version. I know I still have a lot of issues that I will improve upon.

Similarly when you reach your best version. Then you will look good. I'm damn sure about it. Don't have muscles, make them. Obviously your body will look very good. Fifth, is remove negative people from your life. We, sometimes, become part of suchgroups where we are only made fun of. We are not like their friends in the group, they keep us in the group so that they can have fun,they keep getting fun, a person they have to just target.

I've seen a lot of people like this around me. First of all, leave these kinds of groups. Those people don't deserve you. It will feel in the start, I am now alone, but in the long term,you'll have such a group where you're actually valued. And there will be such peoplearound you that add value in your lfe. And you will all grow together. When I made videos on YouTube and I was in college,when I had just started, didn't have many subscribers. So there were a lot of people aroundme which used to make fun of me. Immediately I stopped talking to such people.

I distanced myself from them because I knew theywould only give me negativity and nothing else. They will just bother me and they'll get their two minutes of fun. Due to which I will get demotivated. I went out of that. Till today I don't speak to those people. They might see, okay Harman has gotten so many subscribers, he was doing well, he did it. So keep away from such people. Sixth, is one good deed daily.

We feel good helping others. We feel good by doing something for someone. But the problem is when we do something forsomeone, we start expecting something from them. That I did this for them, when I will bein problem next they will surely help me. And when those expectations don't meet. Even then there's unhappiness in our life. And there were a lot of replied on that Instagramstory that we are unhappy due to expectations. We have to start from 2024, one good deed daily concept. What we have to do, do good for any personfrom which you don't need anything in return.

Not even a 1% expectation. You fed a poor person. Gave a little money. You found some street dog, cat, cow, and you fed them. Someone was asking the way from you, you told them the path. Someone came to your house fordelivery, so you asked water for them. These small things will fill your life with satisfaction. Try this thing daily without expectations. Life will be changed a lot.

What I personally do is I made videoson social media, pour all my effort in. People follow me in return of that, subscribe,those who think that I'm adding value in their life. So when I achieve a milestone, I do something. Like on 400k, I'm going to distributeblankets in Delhi, its very cold here. When we reached 200k on Instagram, even on YouTube,we did a free buffet in which we fed 400 poor people. So by doing these small things, life brings peace. It feels like we are also valued. Even we can help someone, there can bea smile on someone's face because of us. Seventh, is start saying no.

It happens my times, we have tosay no to someone but we can't do it. It happens a lot with me. Its very difficult for me to say no. If someone asks me, have to go there, will you go, even if Idon't feel like it I say yes to them so that they don't feel bad. And I know maximum people face this. And due to this, we become unhappybecause of making others happy. For that I'll give you a tip, let's suppose someonesays will you go with me, I have to here, there. Do you know why we can't say no? Because you don't have anything else to do.

You're already free. If you have priorities of your own, then youcan say, see I have all this work, I can't come. So when you make a goal in your life, I want to achieve this. And I give this much of time daily. Then everything will be sorted with you. You will be sorted 24 hours, that I have to do all these things. I can't go. If you are genuinely free, then help someone, go with them. But if you don't have anything to do yourself.

Then you might have to do something for people. Similarly, if someone asks money from you. If you haven't invested your money anywhere, they are just there. Then you don't have a reason to say no to the person. So you have to give them. But if you plan your money correctly, okay I will investsome money in stocks, add them in mutual funds with SIP. Some money will go to EMI. I will put some money here.

So you can say that I already have committments,for my time, my money, for my other things. So I won't be able to come, I can't be a part, I'm really sorry. So that's how saying no gets easier. But saying no is a big issue, and weget very unhappy because of this. So its important to focus on this, in 2024. Eighth, is mental health. Start prioritising your mental health in 2024. By doing workout, mental health is improved. Maximum people, even I, are insecure due toour looks, how many muscles I have, I'm thin, fat.

We are insecure because of this. When we workout, endorphins and dopamine are released. But along that, we become better, start looking better. So our confidence increases and our mental health also improves. If you get overthinking suddenly, you feel anxious,then my advice is to get out of your house. Either go meet your good friend. Ring him, or simply go and walk. With me, I just simply go and walk when I'm thinking too much. So that helps a lot.

Go outside, trees around you, thatis it would be better to go in a park. So you will feel yourself that there has been a lot of change. Play some sports, meet with yourfriends, chill, go outside in a party. Only then you will start feeling good. And there's a lot of improvement. But still, there are mental health problems in many people's lives. And they know, but they don't consult any doctor. If you think these things are a bit much, then surely meet a doctor. I want to say in this video, because if you don't, you can't doother things, won't be able to focus on workouts and other things.

If your mental health is actually bad. Ninth, is focus on money. Money is important. And this world runs on money. Money is not the solution to every problem. But money is the solution to theproblems which are caused by money. And this world's 99% problems are of money. Everyone's working in this worldand their motive is to make money. We do studying, from childhood tonow, our parents put money on us.

So that we can make money later. Yeah, there are people who have a lot of money. That have done a lot in their life. And they do charity as well. But in the initial phases, money is very important. When I posted the resign video, many people commentedthat he wants to make money that's why he left the job. Yes its the truth. Who doesn't want to make money. And who doesn't want to do good in life.

Who doesn't want to do things in which they have fun. And throught that they can earn money. So get out of this debate, be clear about this that yes we work, so we also need money because this world is revolving around money. And that's how it runs. Value is given to the person with money. Besides, you're smart. You've understood what I wanted to say. Tenth step, is to act. This is the last step of this video.

But it is the most important step. Right now I'm reading a book from Robin Sharma,whose name is “Who Will Cry When you Die?”. He told a concept in it that I liked a lot. Which was, wisdom, skill and virtue. Wisdom means what to do. Do you know what to do? I hope the first step that I told that we have to do goal setting. Now we know what to achieve in 2024. What to achieve in the coming 5 years.

What to do is clear. Second step is skill. Skill means how to do. Do you have the skill that you will do it. You do know, you have the wisdom what you have to do. But do you have the skill on how to do that thing. So you will work on your diet, mental health. Work on upskilling. Focus on money, so I hope skill will also get there.

Third and the most important. Virtue. And virtue is to act. Actually doing what is to be done. This is the most important. No matter how much knowledge, ifaction is 0, then nothing can happen. No matter how good a plan, if executionis not there then nothing's there. I will help with the rest of it. You can take the 366 days challenge with me.

First it was a 100 day challenge, now I'm doing it for 366 days. You have to follow 5 rules of theday, which are shown on the screen. This challenge will, basically, help in your overall development. You can follow me on Instagram. I have a discord community where 11000 people are. which ar upskilling themselves. That are becoming their own better version. We also have a free poster, you can see here,we've made this 100 day poster free for you all. You will find its link also in the bio on my Instagram.

So you can also download this. And everything is written on my Instagram bio. I even made a YouTube video sometime back. And I will tell you the steps even in this video's description. On how to join this challenge. And discord is for your accountability. I'm also working on an actionable book. There will be a program of mine as well. In which we will become our best version together.

So this was 10 steps to un**** your life. I will meet you in some other video. This is Harman Singh. Signing off. And I'll just say one thing. Hustle with Harman.

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