Welcome you've heard the phrase Rome wasn't made in a day it means that the most important and Lasting things take effort and time to achieve what you want must be built Brick by Brick day after day the bricks with which you build your personal and financial Life For Better or Worse are your daily habits so if you cultivate positive habits they will.

Drive your success otherwise they will act as obstacles to your development Albert Einstein said that by always doing the same thing don't expect to get different results that's why I invite you to watch this video and have the opportunity to identify each of the habits that are holding back your financial development.

And change them once and for all to get the results you want in your life are you ready let's get started one you live beyond your means how many people do we here say they can't makeen meat but they never ask themselves how they are spending it because they want to live the life they have let's be realistic and adapt our life to our current.

Situation at least temporarily until we can get more income many people make expenses they can't afford by brand name clothes have unnecessary Services a lifestyle they can't afford just to pretend a standard of living that doesn't correspond to their income this habit seriously affects your finances avoid it because you are wasting your.

Money and your future two you don't have a budget or keep track of your expenses there is a well-known phrase in the business world that says if you can't measure something then you can't control it this means that if you don't keep track of something you could have negative surprises later on it's the same with.

Spending people spend without control the end of the month comes and at the time of facing their commitments they do not have enough money to pay them so they begin to fall into another additional problem paying with credit cards their expenses and basic needs incurring in unnecessary Financial expenses that is why it is important.

That you keep track of your expenses at least weekly or monthly this way you will see where your money is going and what expenses you can do without to improve your financial situation create this budget aligned with your goals and maintain the discipline to comply with it three you don't don't spend time reading did you.

Know that Warren Buffett spends 5 hours a day reading and Bill Gates spends between 1 and 2 hours a day it is no coincidence that among the richest men in the world the habit of reading is very common reading is important because it strengthens your brain muscle and is the mental exercise power excellence in addition it develops your cognitive.

Skills expands your mind with new knowledge awakens creativity and improves your level of communication if you don't have this Habit in your daily routine think of the benefits you are missing out on the knowledge you are not acquiring I know it is difficult to start this habit so start with simple.

Readings and the topics you like the most you can start with one page a day before going to to sleep or when you wake up when you have the Habit established start with more complex readings and of greater value to you I assure you that you will notice a growth in your way of thinking four do you watch too much television or social.

Networks did you know that television is called the idiot box it's easy to understand why because it can hold people's attention for a long time and usually without offering any value at all fortunately people are watching less and less television however nowadays the same has been transferred to the internet and.

Social media is the new Dumb box of our times avoid this habit as much as possible because these activities keep you in a state of passivity and comfort that leads to nothing productive I definitely don't mean to tell you to give this up completely but have a very controlled use of it only to consume content of value or for some brief.

Moment of distraction five you surround yourself with people who do not bring you value it is often said that he who flies with eagles learns how to fly this means that you acquire the skills and characteristics of the people or environment around around You For Better or Worse be very careful of the.

Environment and the people you spend most of your time with people are social by nature and when we are in a social environment we adapt our behavior and attitudes to it if you surround yourself with people who have a conformist negative spendthrift undisciplined life with their finances how do you think you will end up it is no coincidence that.

The United States the most developed country in the world has the largest number of millionaires on the planet and that Elon Musk has traveled from his native South Africa to that country in search of opportunities and where he finally became one of the richest people on the planet it is an undeniable truth that if the environment that surrounds.

You is the right one it can give you a advantages opportunities and enhance your success that in other circumstances you would not get however a negative environment will disadvantage you and hold you back from success six you do not continuously improve and seek personal growth the Japanese call continuous Improvement.

Kaizen with this philosophy they LED Toyota to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world continuous Improvement consists of making small changes on a daily basis that can produce significant changes in the long term don't make drastic changes to your routine because your mind will reject it make gradual changes the important thing.

Is that every day you develop a little more if you improve just 1% daily you would be a completely different person in a few months seven you don't educate yourself financially Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad comments on the importance of developing our financial intelligence if we want to Achieve Financial Freedom or wealth that.

Is why it is important that you always seek and develop your financial skills because it will help you to better manage your money you will know how to keep it in what and how to invest it you will also know the risks involved you will be able to differentiate between an asset and a liability and you will learn that the best way to generate wealth is.

To accumulate assets that generate value we have heard many stories of people who won the lottery or of celebrities who won millions and soon after lost it all this is due to their lack of financial education and not knowing that the main source of wealth of millionaires is not their money but their ability to generate it if you are looking to change.

Your financial situation this habit is one of the most important it is the main difference between poor and rich people contrary to what you imagine it's not just about the money it's also about the mindset you cultivate remember people's poverty is not only in their pockets but also in their way of thinking in their mentality so educate yourself.

Constantly before we continue if this knowledge is being useful to you I invite you to like And subscribe to receive more content now let's continue eight you don't cultivate the habit of saving many people recommend that you invest in assets but they don't tell you that to do that the first thing you must develop is your ability to save.

Saving and investing are two sides of the same coin in finance if you want to invest the first habit you must develop is that of saving and thus accumulate capital for your Investments saving is the first step to change your financial future and Achieve our radical change change towards the economic well-being you want in your.

Life don't waste money conserve it as soon as you have an income be for your savings first and then use the balance for your expenses nine you do not take care of your physical health and nutrition there are people who take care of their vehicles taking them to routine maintenance put the best oil the best spare parts but when they arrive at the.

Mechanic shop while waiting for their car they buy a Coke and a hamburger accompanied by a good portion of french fries that is they take more care of their material things than their most precious property their health material things some will cost more some less but you can get them back however assets such as your health or your time you can.

Never get get them back they are the most valuable thing we have but we give little importance to them preserve your health because not doing so will lead to illnesses that could mean your financial ruin have good habits take care of your diet your sleep and establish an exercise routine it has been proven that better.

Physical health leads to better mental health and improves yourself self- esteem 10 don't set goals if you don't know where you want to go you will never know where to go therefore do not let yourself be consumed by routine establish clearly what you want to achieve the prosperity you want to obtain particularly in the financial.

Aspect you must establish exactly what you want setting weekly monthly or quarterly goals for for example if you want to buy a car determine exactly the brand model price even the color you want having this clear you will be able to set realistic goals in time and the amount you should save to achieve it don't leave your dreams only in dreams.

And don't let them Drift Away successful people started with a goal and did not rest until they achieved it 11 you have a negative and pessimistic attitude did you know about the existence of mirror neurons these are neurons that are activated when we do or see someone doing something and according to science they can influence our actions and.

Emotions so avoid negative or pessimistic thoughts and don't surround yourself with people with that mentality or conformists because they will influence you develop a positive attitude towards money and your personal growth personal that will improve your state of mind to continue developing yourself focus on the positive side of.

Situations look for opportunities and problems the latter is very characteristic of entrepreneurs and successful people remember this formula although empirical very accurate your personal value is equal to the sum of your knowledge plus your ability multiplied by your attitude it means that knowledge and skill add up to your.

Personal value but your attitude multiplies it knowledge and skill are not enough to be successful the people who achieved the greatest financial success developed a positive mental attitude towards wealth and their personal development 12 you lack discipline and procrastinate constantly this is a very common mistake in.

Everyone we set a savings goal or promise not to incur unnecessary expenses however after a short time we fall back into the same habits or postpone the actions we should take to improve our current situation if you do not develop your discipline you will not only not succeed with your finances but in your personal life in.

General it is important that you avoid falling into immediate gratification because that will affect the achievement of your goals and objectives short-term achievements are easier but less lasting really important goals require effort and discipline this is a bad habit that is hard to overcome but make the effort and set clear goals D divide them into.

Smaller tasks to make them simpler then set a deadline and prior prioritize them eliminating all distractions many times people's financial success is due to the discipline and constancy with which they face day after day the way to achieve their goals your success is the accumulation of small victories with your habits in your daily life 13 you.

Are afraid of risk and avoid taking action according to the dictionary the opposite of success is failure however the most successful people in the world are those who have had the most failures in their lives for me the opposite of Success is Not failure but in action not acting out of fear of risk or fear of what people will.

Say financially risk is defined as the probability of losing or winning hence the phrase he who does not risk does not win in other words if you want to be more successful you will have to take more risks the more failures the greater the probability of achieving the success you expect and if you learn from it and continue the moment will come when you.

Will inevitably achieve it with in action due to fear of failure you will always have the certainty and security that you will never Achieve Financial success don't let fear paralyze you unfortunately we have it engraved in our minds that failure is an obstacle to Our Success however we must understand that failure is part of the process on the.

Road to success 14 you are not looking to diversify and earn new income some people when asked about money say that it is not important and that the most important thing is family I agree that family is the most important thing however these people spend 8 to 10 hours a day working and trading their valuable time for money they spent most of their.

Lives dedicated to it leaving them little time to devote to their families don't get used to selling your time for money look for additional alternatives to your current job that can generate passive income it is very risky to depend on a single source of income you could lose your job and not be able to adequately take care of your basic needs.

Money is important so don't settle for what you have there are many alternatives to generate additional income maybe you have some knowledge or skill that you can sell through courses consulting or e-commerce even create content on social net networks currently there are many opportunities that you could take.

Advantage of 15 you do not value your greatest asset your time it is important that we value our time because it is our most valuable asset it is an asset that is diminishing with each passing day and if we do not use it wisely we will be wasting it forever learn to say no and you will realize how you will begin to recover your time say no to people who.

Do not add value to you to activities that do not contribute to your life and to everything that distracts you and takes you away from your goals invest your time in developing your personal and financial skills and in the medium term you will see the changes you will achieve in your life many times without realizing it it we let ourselves get.

Absorbed by routine and move from one activity to another and so on without asking ourselves about their importance and the impact that these actions will have on reaching our personal and financial goals now that you know these habits that prevent you from reaching your maximum personal and financial potential.

I hope you will analyze your particular situation and take action on on those that you need to improve everyone has a different path a different process however the goal is only one to achieve the best version of ourselves for our own benefit and that of others do not let fear paralyze you take action you can start a different.

Life for yourself today if you do a better financial future awaits you let us know your thoughts on the subject I also leave you some recommended videos thank you for your time invested see you next time

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