सुबह उठने के बाद चलो मत सिर्फ़ ये कर लो | Handiest 5 Min After Wake Up


सुबह उठने के बाद चलो मत सिर्फ़ ये कर लो | Handiest 5 Min After Wake Up

Do you know why our belly fat increases, why our overall body gets fat? It comes because we used to stimulate our organs in the past. How? By doing heavy work. That is, we used to do the housework with our own hands. Now, all kinds of activities used to come in it. Like sitting up, or when we used to stand up and bend our back, we used to do a lot of such things like washing.

Clothes, squeezing clothes with our hands. So, all our organs used to be used properly in it. The organs inside the stomach also used to be stimulated. And they used to do their work properly. This made our digestion better. There was no stomach disease. There were no problems related to the reproductive system. And that's why people used to be less fat at that time. What has happened in today's days is that we do all the.

Work with machines. That's why our stomach organs are not able to be stimulated. And they slowly reduce their function. So, to improve that function, I am going to tell you some steps that you have to do every day. And by doing these, your fat will definitely be reduced. The overall problem related to the stomach will also be cured. For example, your stomach does not get clean for many days.

More problems will be cured. I will tell you further in the video. Let's start this video first. I Dt Suman Chauhan welcome you all to my channel, Health City. Friends, my main motto is that you have to reduce your fat. But fat will be reduced only when your body functions properly. That means your body will work properly. Your immune system will start getting high.

Your power to fight diseases will increase. So, when will this happen? First of all, follow a good diet. Along with that, do a good workout. Your activity level should be high. What I mean to say is that the way I tell you exercises, different types of exercises, you should follow them. It doesn't mean that you should do it every day. But after a week, as I keep telling you good things and.

Good workouts, you should try it. And you should also follow it for a few days. This way, all the organs of the body come into use. All the muscles of the body come into use. This makes the body strong. Body functions also start getting better. Now, why does belly fat increase? First of all, fat starts increasing from our stomach. First, the stomach will increase.

Then, overall, fat keeps coming on the body. But we keep ignoring it. This is normal. We do less work. That's why fat is increasing. You don't know that diseases are accumulating. If your belly is increasing, then first of all, understand that glucose is accumulating in your body. Your body is not able to burn it.

What I mean to say is that you can also become a diabetic patient in the future. Now, if your stomach is not getting clean, then it is the root of diseases. You can have leaky gut problems. You can have autoimmune diseases. If your reproductive system is also not good, then you can have pain in your periods. Your periods can stop.

You can have a lot of periods. You will also have problems in that. You get stuck in diseases. So, I am going to tell you some steps for this. Which will get you rid of all these problems. First of all, what is it? Look, when we sit, we have lost our habit of sitting. But I say, get up every morning, empty stomach. Do this step.

How? First of all, sit down. We kept our hands like this. Slowly, bring your hands down and open your knees. Do at least 20 repetitions. You can do this after drinking water. After drinking water, you sit like this. If your stomach is not clean, it's okay. If your stomach is clean in the morning, then you can do it after that too.

Do it like this. Look, we have pressure on the stomach. The organs inside the stomach are stimulated in a way. And their function starts getting better. Like this. If someone has pain in the periods. Or has a lot of periods. Or very less. Before, it used to be normal.

But now it has become a mess. So, their periods will also start getting better. There are many other problems related to the stomach. All of them will start getting better. And the digestive system will be very good. So, do this step for at least 30 seconds. Like this. Next step. Look.

If you are not able to sit like this. If you are not able to relax. Then sit like this and relax first. Then do the next step. In this way, you have to take the support of something. You can hold something like this. Or you can put your hands on the ground like this. Now like this. Side to side.

Like this. Do follow this step. Especially if you want to reduce belly fat. If there is any fat on the legs. It will also go away. Along with this. Your health starts getting better. When the stomach starts getting better. Then it has an effect on the overall health.

Your health starts getting better. Pimples are coming on the face. You will say that I have pimples on my face. There is no problem. Pimples are also coming on the face. Because the stomach is not good. If there are pimples in the mouth. It is because you have constipation. If your eyesight is getting weak.

It is because you are not getting the vitamins and minerals. Which are absorbed from your body and reach your eyes. It is not happening. So all these problems start from the stomach. If the hair is falling. Then your digestion is not good. That's why the hair is falling. This one. For one minute.

Do this every day. Like this. The stomach will get weak very soon. Very soon. And if there is fat on the waist. It will disappear very soon. Do it like this. Like this. In the next step.

You have to come in this position. Like this. Stand straight. And put your hands down like this. After doing this. If you can't do straight like this. Bend your legs a little. After this. What you have to do.

You have to lift your AD slowly. And come in this position. And stand straight. Like this. Lift your AD. And try to sit like this. I will show you from the front. Stand straight like this. Lift your AD.

Bend your knees like this. And try to sit like this. If you can hold it for 4 to 5 seconds. Then hold it. And come back. Do it for 10 to 20 repetitions. In a day. Like this. It will reduce the fat.

And our stomach will get better. Like I have told you the benefits. In the first two steps. In the same way. This step. Is also very good for the stomach. Very good. Like this. You can do as much as you can.

You don't have to do more. If you are tired. You can relax a little. Do it little by little. Now next. In the next. You have to put your feet like this. And like this. Put your hands behind.

And put your feet together. Your feet should not open. And open your knees like this. When you do like this. It affects your stomach the most. You will feel the stretch on your stomach. Try it. Like this. One.

Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.

Now take a pillow like this. And put it between your legs. Like this. Put your hands behind. When we press it. It affects our stomach muscles the most. Our stomach starts getting better. Fat will reduce easily. But stomach functions will start getting better.

Your reproductive system issues. Will start getting better. But it doesn't happen in a day. You have to do it daily. Do it daily whenever you get time. If you have 7 days in a week. Do it for 7 days. Sometimes you can take a rest. But do it for at least 6 days.

Hold it like this. Squeeze it. Then relax it. Hold it for 10 seconds. Then relax it. Like this. If you have joint pain. If you feel tired while walking. If your blood circulation is not good.

If you feel pain at night. If you feel pain in your legs. If you feel pain in your knees. It will start getting better. This activity. This step. If elders do it. Their legs will get stronger. If you have pain in your hips, joints, then do follow this.

Step. Hold it like this, squeeze it and then let it go. Squeeze it and then let it go. And it is a very good step to reduce fat. You can use it for that too. And you can do this while lying down. Lie down like this and keep your legs at a 90 degree angle. Hold the pillow and squeeze it. And then let it go.

Squeeze it again and let it go. Squeeze it again and let it go. Squeeze it again and let it go. And then let it go. The last step is to squeeze the fat. Hold it tight with your knees. Hold it tight and touch the floor with your feet. And then relax. Squeeze it again and touch the floor.

Relax, squeeze it. Relax, squeeze it. Relax, squeeze it. Relax, squeeze it. Relax. And you can get up slowly. Put the pillow aside. That's it. If you follow these steps in one go, and do it properly,.

And sleep like this in the evening, the fat will definitely reduce. Overall, the problem related to the stomach, reproductive system, period, constipation, any problem, even if your kidneys are not functioning properly, any organ of the body is not functioning properly, if you follow these steps, the stomach will definitely get better. The fat will also reduce.

You can get a lot of relief from the overall problem. I hope you liked this video. You will also like and share. If you are not on my channel, then subscribe to my channel. See you in the next video. Bye. Take care.

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