वास्तविक मनुष्य बनने की मुफ़्त दवा | Humanity is the Modern Success – FREE Secret Recipe for Being Human


वास्तविक मनुष्य बनने की मुफ़्त दवा | Humanity is the Modern Success - FREE Secret Recipe for Being Human

Namaskar Friends You all are welcome again to Planet Ayurveda Channel And As You have seen our videos till now We talk on variety of topics And we don not only talk about the medicines We talk about Good Lifestyle Because Ayurveda is.

Ayurveda means to live a good life To live such a life which is mentioned in the Ancient Texts / Vedas And somewhere it is a fact, That our wrong habits The lifestyle that we are living right now Our lifestyle That lifestyle affects our health a lot And especially when we talk about our mental and emotional health So, today we have a Guest.

Who is an handwriting expert We'll show you his handwriting as well in the video further And Due to his passion of reading and writing Sir's Wisdom is Incredible From his Endless Information, we have chosen 1 topic Which we were reading and found Interesting that the Humanity Humanity is something which is being endangered now.

Like health is in danger, Health is ending, Similarly humanity is ending So, Sir has written a really good note In which free medicine for humanity is written So, Let's Know his Introduction, from where is he? who is he? and then What is the medicine for humanity? Namaskar Sir.

Namaskar Introduce Yourself My name is Mishri Lal Suman Basically I belong to Alwar District in Rajasthan And for the last 23 Years, In world's no.1 One Tooler Company, Hero MotoCorp I am working as a Senior Technician Planning and I am thankful to Planet Ayurveda's Team of Experts Who have given me this chance.

To present here in front of you all and I am thankful to those organizations Who have taught me to Speak SBS (Sashakt Bheem Samaj), Registered under Haryana Govt I owe to Our district president Rajkumar SDO Sir And I owe to all those scholars Who have helped me tostay connected with this And inspired me to do something for humanity.

So, Friends, let me give you some Free advice That doesn't need any expense Neither your bodily efforts nor your mental efforts You just need to practice it So, let me tell you The free medicine to be a human If you want to be a Human, So must consume the following mentioned medicines Root of Truth.

5 Tola (approx. 60 Grams) Root of No Stealing 2 Tola (approx. 24 grams) Root of no adultery 4 Tola (approx. 48 grams) Root of Not Telling Lies 3 Tola (approx. 36 grams) Root of not to use drugs & alcohol 4 Tola (approx. 48 grams).

Root of not killing lives 5 Tola (approx. 60 Grams) Pleasure of good company 1 Tola (approx. 12 grams) Seeds of charity 1 Tola (approx. 12 grams) Flowers of kind voice 2 Tola (approx. 24 grams) Juice of organization.

3 Tola (approx. 36 grams) Seeds of education 5 Tola (approx. 60 grams) Root of living with cleanliness 2 Tola (approx. 24 grams) Seeds of mankind 5 Tola (approx. 60 grams) Juice of equality 4 Tola (approx. 48 grams).

Mixing all these And adding to a round container of compassion Keeping on the fire of knowledge, in a utensil of selflessness Simmer on the sweet fire of sacrifice When cooked well and completely Take it down and let it calm down with love Then Strain with the cloth of wisdom and fill the bottle of mind Method to consume it.

This Remedy can be consumed, at any time between Birth and Death In a scientific way with a spoonful of justice Restrictions Chilli of Anger, Caste ego, And brinjals of corruption Onion of Untouchability, Oil of hatred.

Sweetness of fraud should be avoided Doing this will help you being human and doing welfare of others. Namo Buddhai Jai Bheem Sir, such a good information you have shared And the way you have written this It is clear that you have done it with agreat thoughtfulness, and hardwork And we wish that our viewers will also like it But Sir, I would like to ask you a question here.

Why did you think of writing this? What is the Need? Ma'am, I thought that “Visibility is Important to Implement Anything” It is the World's Rule, “Anything has to be visible to be Famous,” So, I thought to share it with people after writing AbsolutelyMaybe passionate writers will understand writing it Whoever has passion for reading will understand it by reading.

Who are passionate for watching will understand it by watching it We just have to make people understand in any manner Whether in Writing, Reading or Watching And if you don't want to Write, Read, or Watch You can now just listen to this on Planet Ayurveda YouTube Channel As this Video is in front of you all So it feels great knowing and listening to this Means you have written this so listening directly from you felt better.

And we hope that Everyone will take benefit of this free medicine And we will make this world, stronger and healthier So, this will not only maintain your physical health But also your social, mental, and emotional health It will keep you connected with your family and the society as well So, it was really Good, Thank you very much sir for thisThank you This lesson will benefit us a Lot.

Thank You Viewers!! We Hope That you'll apply this too in your life Thank You Thank You

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